Identifying key bottlenecks in the early stages of antibiotic R&D and exploring public and not-for-profit solutions

  31 March 2023

A policy brief based on Expert workshop discussions organized under the ReAct initiative:
Revisiting Effective Models to Advance the Antibiotic Pipeline (REMAAP). 

Within the framework of this initiative ReAct organised an in-person workshop in Uppsala, Sweden on November 7-8th 2022. The workshop aimed to take an “end-to-end” approach to antibiotic R&D (from discovery to patient access), with specific attention given to the early stages (discovery and preclinical) of
antibiotic research and development. Discussions focussed on identifying the vulnerabilities, challenges, and potential solutions. The workshop gathered leading experts with knowledge particularly of the early stages of antibiotic R&D with backgrounds ranging from microbiology and chemistry, lab experience and compound development, infectious diseases and clinical medicine, economy, policy and history. This document synthesizes the identified challenges and suggests building blocks of more comprehensive solutions.

The initiative ”Revisiting Effective Models to Advance the Antibiotic Pipeline”
(REMAAP) seeks to build evidence and broader political understanding of
the core challenges in antibiotic research and development and how to
effectively address them.

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