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  07 January 2020

The Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership (GARDP) has an online space as part of its educational and outreach activities named REVIVE. Webinars with live question and answer sessions are hosted regularly on various subjects within antimicrobial research and development and recordings are available at . The website also features a REVIVE blog with thoughts provided by experts in the field as well as recordings from conference sessions.

From this year GARDP will also organise live Q&A sessions where webinar recordings will be shown again, and additional questions will be answered by the speaker. Please tell GARDP which of their past webinars you would most like them to repeat by completing this short survey here: .

If you have any questions or would like to receive updates of webinars please feel free to contact GARDP about these activities at  

Professor Laura JV Piddock | Director of Scientific Affairs


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Author(s): Laura JV Piddock
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