Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance With a New Weapon

  04 June 2022

AMR and surgical site infections are a consistent issue for surgeries, and often surgeons feel they have done everything they can to reduce the risk, and yet the event still occurs with an alarming frequency. 

Surgical site infections (SSI) are a constant fight for infection preventionists (IPs), surgeons, and nurses. Infection Control Today® (ICT®) covers the topics frequently because, to overcome the issue, those medical personnel involved must have a multi-pronged attack. Prevention innovations are proposed continually in the fight against the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that cause 2.8 million infections annually.

Anthony Senagore, MD, a leading colorectal surgeon and senior medical director of PolyPid recently spoke ICT® about ways to address AMR by changing how surgeons and other health care workers administer antibiotics. In the exclusive interview, he discussed the battle against AMR and SSIs, and the innovative technology that his company has created and how it will help prevent AMR in many different situations. Senagore describes PLEX (Polymer-Lipid Encapsulation matriX) platform as a matrix made of alternating layers of polymers and lipids that entrap a therapeutic drug.

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Author(s): Tori L. Whitacre
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