Discovery of actinomycin L, a new member of the actinomycin family of antibiotics

  01 March 2022

Streptomycetes are major producers of bioactive natural products, including the majority of the naturally produced antibiotics. While much of the low-hanging fruit has been discovered, it is predicted that less than 5% of the chemical space of natural products has been mined. Here, we describe the discovery of the novel actinomycins L1 and L2 produced by Streptomyces sp. MBT27, via application of metabolic analysis and molecular networking. Actinomycins L1 and L2 are diastereomers, and the structure of actinomycin L2 was resolved using NMR and single crystal X-ray crystallography. Actinomycin L is formed via spirolinkage of anthranilamide to the 4-oxoproline moiety of actinomycin X2, prior to the condensation of the actinomycin halves. Such a structural feature has not previously been identified in naturally occurring actinomycins.


Further reading: Nature Scientific Reports
Author(s): Nataliia V. Machushynets, Somayah S. Elsayed, Chao Du, Maxime A. Siegler, Mercedes de la Cruz, Olga Genilloud, Thomas Hankemeier & Gilles P. van Wezel
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