Development of the oral resistome during the first decade of life

  16 March 2023

Antibiotic overuse has promoted the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with significant health and economic consequences. Genome sequencing reveals the widespread presence of antimicrobial resistance genes (ARGs) in diverse microbial environments. Hence, surveillance of resistance reservoirs, like the rarely explored oral microbiome, is necessary to combat AMR. Here, we characterise the development of the paediatric oral resistome and investigate its role in dental caries in 221 twin children (124 females and 97 males) sampled at three time points over the first decade of life.

Here we show the paediatric oral resistome is an inherent and dynamic component of the oral microbiome, with a potential role in transmission of AMR and dysbiosis.

Further reading: Nature Communications
Author(s): Smitha Sukumar, Fang Wang, Carra A. Simpson, Cali E. Willet, Tracy Chew, Toby E. Hughes, Michelle R. Bockmann, Rosemarie Sadsad, F. Elizabeth Martin, Henry W. Lydecker, Gina V. Browne, Kylie M. Davis, Minh Bui, Elena Martinez & Christina J. Adler
Effective Surveillance   Healthy Patients  


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