Development of diagnostic tests for pathogen identification and detection of antimicrobial resistance on WHO global priority pathogens using modular real-time nucleic acid amplification test

  18 January 2023

Concerns regarding antimicrobial resistance (AMR) have resulted in the World Health Organization (WHO) designating so-called global priority pathogens (GPPs). However, little discussion has focused on the diagnosis of GPPs. To enable the simultaneous identification of pathogens and AMR, we developed a modular real-time nucleic acid amplification test (MRT-NAAT).

MRT-NAAT enables pathogen identification and AMR gene detection and is time-effective. By unifying the reaction settings of each modular unit, the modularity where combinations of primers can be used according to need could be achieved. This would greatly help in reflecting the researcher’s need and the AMR status of a certain region while successfully detecting pathogens and AMR genes.

Author(s): Eunsik Bang et al
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