Comparative genomic analysis of Colistin resistant Escherichia coli isolated from pigs, a human and wastewater on colistin withdrawn pig farm

  31 March 2023

In this study, genomic and plasmid characteristics of Escherichia coli were determined with the aim of deducing how mcr genes may have spread on a colistin withdrawn pig farm. Whole genome hybrid sequencing was applied to six mcr-positive E. coli (MCRPE) strains isolated from pigs, a farmworker and wastewater collected between 2017 and 2019. Among these, mcr-1.1 genes were identified on IncI2 plasmids from a pig and wastewater, and on IncX4 from the human isolate, whereas mcr-3 genes were found on plasmids IncFII and IncHI2 in two porcine strains. The MCRPE isolates exhibited genotypic and phenotypic multidrug resistance (MDR) traits as well as heavy metal and antiseptic resistance genes. 


Further reading: Nature Scientific Reports
Author(s): Nwai Oo Khine et al
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