Bacterial and fungal coinfections in COVID-19 patients hospitalized during the New York City pandemic surge

  28 September 2020

The study confirms widespread antibiotic use in most hospitalized COVID-19 patients at our medical center. Bacterial and fungal coinfections occurred in <5% but are of significant concern due to their occurrence in the most vulnerable patients. In addition, we observed worsening Enterobacteriaceae susceptibility profiles emerging during the brief study period compared to antibiogram data from 2018 to 2019. The pandemic has
highlighted the need for close collaboration between stewardship and infection prevention programs to monitor for nosocomial infections, excess antibiotic use, and multidrug resistance.

Author(s): Priya Nori MD1 , Kelsie Cowman MPH1, Victor Chen PharmD2, Rachel Bartash MD, Wendy Szymczak PhD, Theresa Madaline MD, Chitra Punjabi Katiyar MD, Ruchika Jain MD, Margaret Aldrich MD, Gregory Weston MD, Philip Gialanella BS, Marilou Corpuz MD, Inessa Gendlina MD, PhD and Yi Guo PharmD
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