Association between particulate matter (PM)2·5 air pollution and clinical antibiotic resistance: a global analysis

  24 August 2023

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing global issue, causing millions of deaths worldwide every year. Particulate matter (PM)2·5 has diverse elements of antibiotic resistance that increase its spread after inhalation. However, understanding of the contribution of PM2·5 to global antibiotic resistance is poor. Through univariate and multivariable analysis, we aimed to present the first global estimates of antibiotic resistance and burden of premature deaths attributable to antibiotic resistance resulting from PM2·5 pollution.

This analysis is the first to describe the association between PM2·5 and clinical antibiotic resistance globally. Results provide new pathways for antibiotic-resistance control from an environmental perspective.

Author(s): Zhenchao Zhou et al
Clean Environment  


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