Are nursing infusion practices delivering full-dose antimicrobial treatment?

  03 September 2019

Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) has developed over the past decade as a critical tool to promote the appropriate use of antimicrobials in order to contain antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and conserve antimicrobial medicines. Current literature supports the role of the nurse in AMR, with a strong focus on the responsibilities of the nurse in infection prevention and control (IPC), both in the formal role of the IPC nurse specialist, and the more general IPC role of the bedside nurse. There is also growing support for the collaborative role of the nurse in the multidisciplinary AMS team. There is, however, very little literature examining the clinical practice role of the nurse in AMS. In this discussion, we contend that nursing practice may unknowingly contribute to AMR owing to varying methods of administration of intermittent intravenous infusions, resulting in under-dosing of antimicrobial medicines.

Author(s): J. Rout, S. Essack, P. Brysiewicz
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