Antimicrobial use, residue and resistance dissemination in freshwater fish farms of north-central Nigeria: One health implications

  14 June 2021

A structured questionnaire was administered to 151 purposively selected fish farmers to assess their practices and perceptions on antimicrobial usage (AMU) in fresh water fish farms in North-central Nigeria. Risk pathways for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) spread, risk status and drivers for misuse and overuse of antimicrobials were also assessed and residue presence in fish and pond water samples determined. Descriptive and analytic statistical analyses were performed at 95% confidence level. AMU risk status was assessed with Traffic Light model. Disc diffusion test was used to detect residues. All 151 recruited farmers participated but only 78.1% of them used antimicrobials in fish production. 

Further reading: Food Control
Author(s): Nma Bida Alhajiab, Beatty Viv-Maikaic, Jacob K.P. Kwagac
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