Antimicrobial resistance in Vibrios of shrimp aquaculture: Incidence, identification schemes, drivers and mitigation measures

  12 February 2021

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing threat to the human, and animal population, worldwide. The antimicrobials used across all the sectors eventually pollute the aquatic environment and transform it into a hot spot for the emergence and spread of AMR. The bacteria under the genera Vibrio being ubiquitous to aquatic environment include a few species which are pathogenic to humans and aquatic animals. Despite extensive reviews available on AMR in human, terrestrial animal sectors and environment, there is a dearth of summarized information on AMR in Vibrios in shrimp aquaculture environment. In comparison to the human, and terrestrial animal health sector, a methodology for determination of AMR in vibrios associated with aquatic animals is still in its nascent stages and needs harmonization. The present review is centred on the AMR status in vibrios of shrimp farming environment and recent advances in the detection of resistance and discusses methodologies for AMR determination in vibrios and possible mitigation measures to control AMR spread.

Further reading: Aquaculture Research
Author(s): Murugadas Vaiyapuri Sravya Pailla Madhusudana Rao Badireddy Devika Pillai Ravishankar Chandragiri Nagarajarao Mukteswar Prasad Mothadaka
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