Antibiotic Stewardship Strategies and Their Association with Antibiotic Overuse after Hospital Discharge: An Analysis of the Reducing Overuse of Antibiotics at Discharge (Road) Home Framework

  12 February 2022

In fall 2019, we surveyed 39 Michigan hospitals on their antibiotic stewardship strategies. The association of reported strategies with discharge antibiotic overuse (unnecessary, excess, suboptimal fluoroquinolones) for community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) and urinary tract infection (UTI) was evaluated in two ways: 1) all strategies assumed equal weight, 2) strategies were weighted based on the ROAD (Reducing Overuse of Antibiotics at Discharge) Home Framework (i.e., Tier 1—Critical infrastructure, Tier 2—Broad inpatient interventions, Tier 3—Discharge-specific strategies) with Tier 3 strategies receiving the highest weight.

The more stewardship strategies a hospital reported, the lower its antibiotic overuse at discharge. However, Tier 3, or discharge-specific strategies, appeared to have the largest effect on antibiotic prescribing at discharge.

Author(s): Valerie M Vaughn, MD, MSc, David Ratz, MS, M Todd Greene, PhD, Scott A Flanders, MD, Tejal N Gandhi, MD, Lindsay A Petty, MD, Sean Huls, MD, Xiaomei Feng, MD, Andrea T White, PhD, Adam L Hersh
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