Antibiotic Resistance in Relation to E. coli Infection in Broiler Chickens

  18 May 2020

India is an agriculture based country where nearby 70% farmers mostly engage themselves in agriculture and animal husbandry practices. Poultry industry in India is considered to be the fastest growing among the agriculture based industries. The poultry industry in India as a whole is facing problems due to affection of infectious and non-infectious diseases.
Among the infectious diseases avian colibacillosis is considered as one of the principle cause of morbidity and mortality in birds and associated with heavy economic losses to the poultry industry with its association with various disease conditions either as primary pathogen or as a secondary pathogen. It is characterized in its acute form by septicemia resulting in death and in its subacute form by pericarditis, airsacculitis and peri-hepatitis. Among various conditions caused by Escherichia coli organism, colisepticaemia is severe systemic form characterized by presence of E. coli in the blood and colonization in organs including the heart and spleen.

Further reading: Pashudhan Praharee
Author(s): Dr. Sagar R. Surjagade, Dr. Abhilash D. Jadhao and Dr. Ashvini P. Bansod
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