Antibiotic indications and appropriateness in the pediatric intensive care unit: a ten-center point prevalence study

  03 September 2022

Antibiotics are prescribed to most pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) patients, but data evaluating indications and appropriateness of antibiotic orders in this population are lacking.

We performed a multicenter point prevalence study including children admitted to 10 geographically diverse PICUs over four study days in 2019. Antibiotic orders were reviewed for indication, and appropriateness was assessed using a standardized rubric.

Most PICU patients receive antibiotics, and based on our study, we estimate that one-third of antibiotic orders are inappropriate. Improved antibiotic stewardship and research focused on strategies to optimize antibiotic use in critically ill children are needed.

Author(s): Kathleen Chiotos et al
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