AMRelay 2024

22/11/2024 - 22/11/2024
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM CET
Online: time zones will be followed starting in Oceania and ending 24 hours later again in Oceania
AMR Insights & Partners

Unique and spectacular 24-hour online event on 22 November 2024

AMRelay shines the light on 96 organisations contributing to the fight against AMR and connects them in a unique way thus generating global attention to Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)!

AMRelay is an online, 24 hour event offering a series of 96 consecutive, contributions by global stakeholders involved in curbing AMR.

AMRelay will take place in the World AMR Awareness Week 2023. The event will start at Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) 00:00 and ends at UTC 24:00, and will follow the global timezones.


  • Connects public and private organisations, NGOs, governments, regional accelerators and partnerships, student organisations and all other organisations worldwide that contribute to the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Offers organisations the opportunity to demonstrate in 15-minute time slots how they are contributing to the fight against AMR
  • Is open to all forms of online contributions: presentations, videos, round table discussions, interviews, clips and animations
  • This year also welcomes creative contributions: song and dance, music and poems
  • Aims to contribute to raising awareness of AMR worldwide
  • Will start registration soon. There is no charge for ordinary participation

AMRelay is an initiative of AMR Insights realised in cooperation with the Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition. 



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