AMR Insights curated global online AMR diagnostics developer directory (ADDD) with JPIAMR funded B2B2B AMRDx research network

  10 December 2022

Institutions, startups, multinationals and other organisations worldwide focusing on research, development and/or marketing of AMR diagnostics can have their technologies and/or existing AMR diagnostics listed in AMR Insights Directory free of charge from 12 December 2022. The already existing globally accessible directory will become the backbone of B2B2B AMRDx, a new JPIAMR-funded international network of 69 partners from 22 countries. The Directory, which is searchable by keywords and with a special filter, facilitates the comparison and information exchange of AMR diagnostics worldwide.

The new network, B2B2B AMRDx, brings together a diverse group of researchers from universities (bench), hospitals (bedside), for-profits (business), governments and nonprofits (beyond). Among others the network will identify new policy directions that can support diagnostics development and adoption by accounting for the public health benefits of using AMR diagnostics. The developments will help AMR diagnostics cross the “valley of death” and help patients.

The network, coordinated by Dr Leonid Chindelevitch, Imperial College London, UK, will create a comprehensive online AMR Diagnostics Developer Directory (ADDD) to facilitate exchange of ideas in the field. The globally accessible and curated Directory is based on the AMR Insights’ ‘Technology Pages Directory’ and will contain information of AMR diagnostics being developed within B2B2B AMRDx as well as AMR diagnostics under development and available on the market worldwide.

The Directory is searchable with a dedicated filter as developed by AMR Insights and keyword-searchable. Participating research institutes, start-ups and companies will obtain their own Technology Page(s) where key information about the diagnostics in question, information about the organisation, illustrations and possibly video and extensive contact details can be found.

The Directory and Technology Pages have already been used successfully for several years at the International Matchmaking Symposia ADTCA (Advancing Data Technologies in AMR) and EADA (Emerging Antimicrobials and Diagnostics in AMR) organised by AMR Insights. The Technology Pages can be easily shared on social media.

The aim of the ADDD is to achieve low-threshold, accessible information, exchange of knowledge and expertise and closer international cooperation in the development and commercialisation of new AMR diagnostics as part of the B2B2B network.

The cost of setting up a diagnostics Technology Page for any AMR-relevant diagnostics will be borne by the B2B2B network. Universities, medical centres, research institutes, start-ups, SMEs, multinationals and other organisations can create their own technology page free of charge from 12 December, 2022 via the button: 

For more information on the Technology Pages and the Directory see the website

The Directory comes at a time when the WHO’s new GLASS report highlights the global need for more microbiology testing: 

“To truly understand the extent of the global threat and mount an effective public health response to AMR, we must scale up microbiology testing and provide quality-assured data across all countries, not just wealthier ones,” according to the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  

Author(s): M. van Dongen / L. Chindelevitch
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