Allelic diversity uncovers protein domains contributing to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance

  29 March 2023

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) remains a major threat to global health. To date, tractable approaches that decipher how AMR emerges within a bacterial population remain limited. Here, we developed a framework that exploits genetic diversity from environmental bacterial populations to decode emergent phenotypes such as AMR. OmpU is a porin that can make up to 60% of the outer membrane of Vibrio cholerae, the cholera pathogen. This porin is directly associated with the emergence of toxigenic clades and confers resistance to numerous host antimicrobials. In this study, we examined naturally occurring allelic variants of OmpU in environmental Vcholerae and established associations that connected genotypic variation with phenotypic outcome.


Further reading: PLOS Genetics
Author(s): Trudy-Ann Grant, Mario López-Pérez, Jose Manuel Haro-Moreno, Salvador Almagro-Moreno
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