Access, use and disposal of antimicrobials among humans and animals in Wakiso district, Uganda: a qualitative study

  02 September 2021

Inappropriate use of antimicrobials in both humans and animals is a key driver of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In addition, human behaviours such as poor disposal of antimicrobials in the environment can increase their exposure to microbes which can impact on humans and animals. However, evidence on access, use and disposal of antimicrobials for humans and animals at community level in Uganda is limited. This study therefore explored access, use and disposal of antimicrobials among humans and animals in Wakiso district, Uganda.

There is a need to increase awareness among the population on proper access, use and disposal of antimicrobials for both humans and animals. Development of a drug disposal system at community level would facilitate improved waste management of antimicrobials. Together, these measures would help prevent the rate of progression of AMR in communities.

Author(s): David Musoke, Carol Namata, Grace Biyinzika Lubega, Freddy Eric Kitutu, Lawrence Mugisha, Saba Amir, Claire Brandish, Joviah Gonza, Deborah Ikhile, Filimin Niyongabo, Bee Yean Ng, Jean O’Driscoll, Kate Russell-Hobbs, Jody Winter & Linda Gibson
Clean Environment   Effective Surveillance  


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