A One Health perspective on the issue of the antibiotic resistance

  19 March 2021

For a few years now, the One Health concept has appeared to go hand in hand with the issue of antibiotic resistance as the most comprehensive and global solution. As part of a study comparing the publication process of the links between antibiotic resistance and food in France and in the United States, this paper retraces the One Health concept’s trajectory in terms of significations and (re)definitions, according to the actors adopting this approach as a viable solution. Furthermore, this paper questions the concept’s take over impact in antibiotic resistance reframing as well as its expansion in terms of functioning and applicability. Within social sciences research, interest in the issue of antibiotic resistance and the One Health approach has largely been established in recent years by a growing number of studies examining its different and multiple aspects. The specificity of this research lies in its two different levels of questioning the One Health concept. Firstly, the concept seems to be referred to by various formulas, from its oldest form, One Medicine-1984, to One World, One Health. Secondly, the concept is being redefined as links between a plurality of domains are recognized (human health, animal health, the environment, and food), following the emergence of international health and food crises and as their multi-level consequences are being addressed by various stakeholders, including public authorities, political leaders, and economic actors.

Further reading: Parasite
Author(s): Estera Badau
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