Workshop: Increasing Investments for AMR R&D

28/05/2019 - 28/05/2019
Geneva (Switzerland)
Global AMR R&D Hub

Objective: Identify and discuss opportunities for investments and new and innovative financing mechanisms for AMR R&D using a global One Health Approach

Expected Outcome: Identification and recommendations of new and innovative mechanisms and opportunities for increasing investment for AMR R&D. Recommendations on how the Global AMR R&D Hub can support these activities considering a One Health approach.

  1. Articulate recommendations that can be tracked and followed up by the Global AMR R&D Hub
  2. Provide a high-level summary and next steps for the Global AMR R&D Hub to the G20 Health Working Group on May 29
  3. Share outcomes of the meeting

Format: Plenary sessions and panel discussions followed by working group discussions in a breakout session concluding with a report session.

Participants: AMR R&D Hub Members and Observers, further representatives of governments, funders, industry, other investors and other interested stakeholders.

When: Tuesday 28 May 2019

Where: Domaine de Penthes, Geneva, Switzerland



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