Within-patient evolution of plasmid-mediated antimicrobial resistance

  29 October 2022

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria is a major threat to public health; one of the key elements in the spread and evolution of AMR in clinical pathogens is the transfer of conjugative plasmids. The drivers of AMR evolution have been studied extensively in vitro but the evolution of plasmid-mediated AMR in vivo remains poorly explored. Here, we tracked the evolution of the clinically relevant plasmid pOXA-48, which confers resistance to the last-resort antibiotics carbapenems, in a large collection of enterobacterial clones isolated from the gut of hospitalized patients. 

This study highlights the need to develop new evolution-informed approaches to tackle plasmid-mediated AMR dissemination.

Author(s): Javier DelaFuente et al
Effective Surveillance  


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