Webinar: Kick Off development Dutch Consortium to reduce Emissions from Antibiotics Production

Online Kick off meeting 29 April, 10:00-12:00 AM CET

Development Dutch Consortium to Reduce Emissions from Antibiotics Production.

Registration obliged / no registration costs/ multiple participants per organisation welcome

The online Kick off meeting brings together the key stakeholders in The Netherlands involved in the treatment of waste water and, in particular, the treatment and purification of medication residues and antimicrobial agents in emissions from industrial suppliers and hospitals:

  • Purification and Analyses Technology providers
  • Innovators (Academia, Knowledge Institutes and Professional Universities)
  • Engineering Offices and Consultancies
  • Pharma companies
  • National Authorities and Regional Development Companies
  • Hospitals, Water treatment plants and Drinking water companies
  • Government agencies and Top Sectors (Water, Chemistry, LSH)
  • Other interested stakeholders

In a joint follow-up process, with those who choose to do so and want to invest in it, we develop the Consortium into an internationally leading and, above all, decisive Consortium. This Consortium will initially take up opportunities within the Netherlands and Europe. Secondly, and building on the experience gained, we will expand the activities in countries such as China and India.

Agenda Kick off meeting

  • Welcome and introduction VIG & BOGIN by Brigit van Soest-Segers
  • Introduction to EWS by Tom Vereijken
  • Antimicrobial resistance: a global threat by Maarten van Dongen; AMR Insights
  • Antimicrobial resistance: a global threat by Maarten van Dongen; AMR Insights
  • Contribution others: tbc
  • Pioneering technologies to reduce Antibiotics emissions by Wilfred Appelman; WUR
  • Contribution others: tbc
  • The Consortium and the way forward by Maarten van Dongen; AMR Insights
  • Questions and Answers

Why join the Kick off meeting

By attending the online Kick off meeting on 29 April you ensure that you and your organisation are connected to the Dutch network of stakeholders involved. You will gain insight into the background of the global problem of antimicrobial resistance and the contribution that the Consortium, and therefore your organisation, can make in combating this major health and food safety problem. Of course, we will explain how the Consortium is built up, what our plans and ambitions are and how your organisation can add and will benefit from these!


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