UK’s Fleming Fund Supports Countrywide Prescription Survey In 14 Hospitals

  22 February 2021

The UK’s Fleming Fund has initiated a stakeholder intervention in Pakistan to scale up public healthcare setup of Pakistan to enhance effective monitoring and data collection to curb the impending risk of antimicrobial or antibiotic resistance (AMR) causing serious health complications leading to death.

Country Director Fleming Fund Dr Ayesha told APP that non-prescribed and excessive use of antibiotics in chronic respiratory infectious diseases, epidemics and other health issues was causing the emergence of resistant bugsce in human bodies developing AMR that was making many of the modern diseases ineffective.

She said: “A recent global study reveals that around 10 million people per year will perish due to AMR by 2050 with relatively low income countries of Asia and Africa bearing most of the deaths burden.” Dr Ayesha warned that there was urgent need to raise awareness among the masses and medical practitioners alike to shun unnecessary use of antibiotics as most of the chronic diseases were curable without antibiotic intake.

Further reading: UrduPoint
Author(s): Fahad Shabbir
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