03 October 2022

The rise and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is affected by multiple factors, making it a difficult and complicated issue to address locally and globally. The WHO Regional Office for Europe has developed this Tailoring Antimicrobial Resistance Programmes (TAP) Manual to assist Member States with using a behavioural insights approach to identify appropriate and feasible interventions to begin tackling AMR in their contexts. Readers are first provided with guidance on using the Manual and information on the background and theoretical basis of the TAP process. The second part of the Manual leads readers through the five stages of the TAP process, from inception to intervention delivery and evaluation, providing instructive examples and exercises.

Two separate publications, a TAP Quick Guide and Toolbox, have also been developed on the basis of this Manual. These documents distil information in the TAP Manual, the former acting as a user-friendly reference on the five stages of the TAP process and the latter providing exercises and tools to assist with each stage of the process. The TAP Manual, Quick Guide and Toolbox have been inspired by the WHO Regional Office for Europe Tailoring Immunization Programmes (TIP) approach, which supports countries in achieving high and equitable vaccination uptake.

Further reading: World Health Organisation
Author(s): World Health Organisation
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