The potential role of veterinary technicians in promoting antimicrobial stewardship

  18 September 2023

A core principle of antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) in veterinary settings is the need for engagement of all stakeholders; however, no studies have addressed the role of veterinary technicians in AMS specifically. The objective of this study was to qualitatively assess knowledge, opinions, and practices related to AMS among technicians. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 33 veterinary technicians with varied backgrounds, experience and roles. Interviews centered on participants work experience and interactions with their employer, perceptions of antimicrobial resistance and overuse in veterinary medicine, observed application of AMS principles, opinions on potential opportunities for technicians to contribute to AMS and concomitant potential barriers to these opportunities. Transcripts of interviews were coded thematically by two authors, then organized into a hierarchical framework, and the characterization of codes was compared across different categories of respondents.

There is a possible appetite among some veterinary technicians to participate in AMS and they already play applicable roles in practices. Barriers such as educational needs, hierarchical structures of veterinary practices and time constraints will need to be addressed if technicians are included in AMS efforts.

Further reading: BMC Veterinary Research
Author(s): Laurel E. Redding, Katherine Reilly, Bridget Radtke, Stacy Bartholomew & Stephen D. Cole
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