“Infection risk scan IRIS for infection control and antimicrobial use”

“Infection control needs user-friendly standardized instruments to measure the compliance to guidelines and to implement targeted improvement actions. A new tool measures the quality of infection control and antimicrobial use: the Infection Risk Scan (IRIS). It has been applied in a hospital, several nursing homes and a rehabilitation clinic in the Netherlands.

The IRIS consists of a set of objective reproducible measurements, combining patient- and healthcare related variables, such as: hand hygiene compliance, environmental contamination using ATP measurements, prevalence of resistant microorganisms by active screening, availability of infection control preconditions, personal hygiene of healthcare workers, appropriate use of indwelling medical devices and appropriate use of antimicrobials. Results are visualized in a spider plot using traffic light colors to facilitate the interpretation.

The IRIS provided ward specific results within the hospital that were the basis for targeted improvement programs resulting in measurable improvements.┬áThe bundle approach and visualization of the IRIS makes it a useful infection prevention tool providing standardization and transparency. Targeted interventions can be started based on the results of the improvement plot and repeated IRIS can show the effect of interventions. In that way, a quality control cycle with continuous improvement can be achieved.”

Source: Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control


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