The contribution of human conflict to the development of antimicrobial resistance

  26 October 2023

Human conflict, such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, is an important driver of antimicrobial resistance. Here, we describe the challenges when addressing this problem during an ongoing conflict and the opportunities available to reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Human conflict is an important driver of AMR with consequences for healthcare systems globally. Adherence to IPC precautions at all stages of healthcare contact is key to reducing further spread of MDRO. Surveillance studies are required to inform both risk and appropriate antimicrobial guidelines, but must be ambitious to be representative and will probably require support from neighbouring countries and regional public bodies. The need for such collaboration will require considerable policy development at the international level and, given their role in supporting the development of National Action Plans, may best be coordinated by the Regional Offices of the WHO.

Author(s): Scott J. C. Pallett et al
Effective Surveillance  


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