Our technology platforms (NANOPLEX® and SCFI™) rapidly identify the causative agent and suggest the most effective treatment in 30 minutes.

Our rapid ID (NANOPLEX®) and AST (SCFI™) platforms enable clinicians to prescribe responsibly and provide the highest quality of care to patients.

  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Microbial diagnostics
  • Infection prevention
  • Antimicrobial compound/strategy
  • Removal antibiotics/bacteria

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Yeasts
  • Parasites

  • Human
  • Veterinary
  • AgriFood
  • Environmental
  • Other

Development stage:
  • Development
  • Validation
  • Research
  • Market entry
  • Marketed product

  • Company
  • Academia
  • Institute
  • NGO
  • Government

  • License
  • Co-develop
  • Joint Venture
  • Outsource
  • Sell

Funding organisation:
  • CARB-X
  • FIND
  • OTHER / NA

Infectious disease area:
  • UTI
  • STI
  • RTI
  • SSTI
  • BSI
  • GII
  • CNSI
  • IAI
  • SSI

Geographic origin:
  • Eurasia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Oceania

For NANOPLEX we are looking to engage with partners who can help us setup clinical evaluations and expediate access into EU markets.

For SCFI we’re looking for partners to explore collaboration opportunities with our technology.

FluoretiQ specialises in the development of fast and accurate diagnostic platforms to combat antimicrobial resistance.

NANOPLEX® and SCFI™ form a complimentary AMR test suite that are fast, accurate and can be used at the point of care. Our first NANOPLEX product is heading to market later this year to identify Urinary Tract Infections.

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