The only way to safeguard antibiotic use is to develop faster diagnostics at the point of care. Our solution uses NANOPLEX™ technology to rapidly identify bacterial infection within 15 minutes.

NANOPLEX enables bacterial ID and enumeration at the point of care; key information for at risk demographics (e.g. pregnant women and elderly).

  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Microbial diagnostics

  • Bacteria

  • Human
  • Veterinary

Development stage:
  • Research
  • Development

  • Company

  • License, Co-develop, Joint Venture

We are interested in collaborations with academic groups, antibiotic and diagnostic developers.

FluoretiQ is developing the NANOPLEX technology platform to reduce the time to correctly diagnose bacterial infections from 2 days to 15 mins.

NANOPLEX™ has potential applications in: • Urinary Tract Infection • Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing • Sexually Transmitted Diseases • Veterinary • Food/ Drink Quality Control and Quality Assurance • Oncology

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