FebriDx Rapid Viral v Bacterial POC Test

FebriDx is a rapid POC test from fingerprick blood to accurately differentiate viral from bacterial acute respiratory infection. FebriDx has a 97-99% Negative Predictive Value to rule out bacterial infection and reduce inappropriate antibiotics.

By combining CRP, with the specific viral biomarker, MxA, FebriDx achieves high sensitivity and high specificity to accurately and reliably differentiate between viral and bacterial acute respiratory infections. FabriDx can be used for both upper and lower respiratory tract infection in both paediatric and adult patients. FebriDx has been shown to improve clinical management and safely reduce inappropriate antibiotic treatment by 50-80%.

  • Infection prevention
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Microbial diagnostics
  • Antimicrobial compound/strategy
  • Removal antibiotics/bacteria

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Yeasts
  • Parasites

  • Human
  • Veterinary
  • AgriFood
  • Environmental
  • Other

Development stage:
  • Marketed product
  • Research
  • Development
  • Validation
  • Market entry

  • Company
  • Academia
  • Institute
  • NGO
  • Government

  • Sell
  • License
  • Co-develop
  • Outsource
  • Joint Venture

Funding organisation:
  • OTHER / NA
  • CARB-X
  • FIND

Infectious disease area:
  • RTI
  • UTI
  • STI
  • BSI
  • GII
  • SSTI
  • CNSI
  • IAI
  • SSI

Geographic origin:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Eurasia
  • Africa
  • Oceania

Lumos Diagnostics specializes in rapid, cost-effective and complete point-of-care (POC) diagnostic test solutions to help healthcare professionals more accurately diagnose and manage medical conditions. Lumos Diagnostics’ novel FebriDx® test can help clinicians accurately differentiate viral from bacterial acute respiratory infections in 10-minutes from fingerstick blood. With a 97-99% negative predictive value, FebriDx can help clinicians accurately rule out bacterial infections and reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.

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