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Would you like to showcase your AMR technology, product or service? And learn more about those of others? 


The Technology database aims to provide a growing overview of emerging and existing technologies, products and services which have the potential to add to curbing AMR. The database is open access and can be searched by a dedicated filter as well as search bar. Each technology has its own technology page summarising the technology, product or service 


The Technology database is developed by AMR Insights. The technologies, products and services in the database originate from academic groups, start-ups, SMEs and multinationals around the globe. 


The technology database was initiated in 2020 and will be of unlimited duration. For more information about the database see the website. For an example of a single Technology Page see here. 


The technology database has been instrumental in the International Matchmaking Symposia ADTCA and EADA since 2020. As of 2023, the Technology Database plays is used to collect AMR diagnostics technologies within the context of the JPIAMR-funded project B2B2B


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