12 September 2020

The British Poultry Council’s Antibiotic Stewardship plays a vital role in delivering good bird health and welfare; ensuring the sustainable and responsible use of antibiotics, safeguarding the efficacy of antibiotics, and helping produce food consumers trust. Our sector stands committed to upholding the UK’s position at the forefront of international efforts to preserve the efficacy of our antibiotics for future generations and contribute to turning the tide against antimicrobial resistance.

The British Poultry Council has released its 2020 Antibiotic Stewardship Report which highlights the achievements made by the British poultry meat sector’s drive for excellence in bird health and welfare that’s delivering responsible use of antibiotics and safeguarding the efficacy of antibiotics across the supply chain.

According to the new report, in the last seven years (2012-2019) the BPC Antibiotic Stewardship has helped achieve:

• 76% reduction in the total use of antibiotics
• 97.3% reduction in the use of critically important antibiotics

In 2019, the sector used

• 19.7 tonnes of antibiotics
• This accounts for 9.33% of the total antibiotics licensed for food producing animals. (Source VMD)

Further reading: British Poultry Council
Author(s): British Poultry Council
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