Summit Consultation ‘Focus on Prescription’

  05 February 2022

January 27th, some 60 AMR experts from organisations such as CDC, Fleming Fund, FAO, GAMRIF, ICARS, MSF, MSD, NIAMRRE, Novartis, Sandoz, Saudi Food & Drug Authority, TEVA, USAID, Wellcome and WHO laid the groundwork for a new global consortium dedicated to the research, development and implementation of ‘awareness gaming’ to combat antimicrobial resistance. Contributing to the Summit Consultation were scientists such as Catrin Moore (University of Oxford and co-author of GRAMPaper), Enrique Castro-Sanchez (University of West London) and Shahida Syed (GAMRIF). The starting point for the development of the consortium is the gamified programme ‘Focus on Prescription’ as developed by AMR Insights in collaboration with the Amsterdam-based company Mindgame. It is evident that the opportunities and possibilities of awareness gaming are insufficiently used to initiate the much needed behavioural change in the fight against AMR. This is not only about prescribing antibiotics (as with Focus on Prescription) but also about behavioural change leading to better use of AMR diagnostics, infection prevention, education and training, and use of alternatives to antibiotics. The new Consortium aims to play a guiding and coordinating role in this. It will involve behavioural scientists and experts from the various sectors. Further information:


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