SDa-report ‘Usage of antibiotics in agricultural livestock in the Netherlands in 2021

  13 October 2022

It is with great pleasure that the Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Institute (SDa) presents its report Usage of Antibiotics in Agricultural Livestock in the Netherlands in 2021. In this publication, the SDa expert panel reports on the amounts of antibiotics used in the Dutch goat, turkey, veal, broiler, layer, rabbit, cattle and pig farming sectors in 2021.

Overall antibiotic use declined or remained stable; the amount sold declined. In 2021, overall antibiotic use in the broiler, rabbit and pig farming sectors declined by 31.7%, 17.2% and 13.7%, respectively. The broiler farming sector and pig farming sector both recorded the lowest overall DDDANAT value in their monitoring history. Ever since 2014, overall antibiotic use in the dairy cattle farming sector has been low and stable. The veal farming sector’s overall antibiotic use in 2021 was similar to its 2020 level. Overall amounts of antibiotics used in smaller livestock sectors such as the turkey and rabbit farming sectors have declined over time but show pronounced year-to-year fluctuations.

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Author(s): SDa
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