Resistance clearly explained in 3rd module course AMR

What resistance is actually 

The third and final module of the course Microbial Resistance brought the most relevant and current insights on resistance itself: what resistance actually is, how it arises and is transmitted, what resistance can mean to all of us and how complex the control is. With the case study MRSA we we dived into the problem: how threatening is MRSA, where does it occur and what kind of outbreaks have there been? Not only problems but concrete solutions were put forward by Dutch biotech companies:

  • Check-Points with a rapid analysis of resistant bacteria and resistance genes
  • Karveel Pharmaceuticals with new, first-in-class antibiotics for combating resistant bacteria
  • Madam Therapeutics with new antibacterial synthetic peptides

AMR Review report Jim O’Neill

On the basis of the AMR Review report by Jim O’Neill we took a look in 2050 and discussed how the fight against AMR can be fought. We also discussed how to organize these: what are the various organizations inside and outside the Netherlands that are making a strong case in the fight against AMR? The unique Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) presented itself and showed how it connects people, facilitates innovation and seeks to make the most of Dutch expertise.

A pan-European information platform AMR

The module was concluded with the presentation of the AMR Information Platform. This platform aims to make professionals inside and outside the EU aware of the risks of AMR, to encourage contributions to addressing AMR and to provide the various professional target groups with up-to-date information about AMR.

A fascinating, interactive course in which a total of 22 people have contributed and participated was closed. In 2018 we will expand the program!

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