Report: Response plan to control and manage the threat of multi-and extensively drug-resistant gonorrhoea in Europe

  22 October 2021

The ECDC response plan published in 2012 complemented the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Action
Plan, as well as national action plans subsequently published by the US Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention and Public Health England. In 2019, the first update to the ECDC response plan was published.
It reviewed the effectiveness of the 2012 response plan, updated the indicators with data from 2017 and evaluated the achievements and progress made during the intervening years. In September 2020, EU/EEA countries were invited to provide information on the indicators for 2019, using 2017 as a baseline. Twenty-six of 31 EU/EEA countries provided data in response to this request. The present report seeks to once again review the progress made over the preceding two years, using the data collected for 2019.


Further reading: ECDC
Author(s): Gianfranco Spiteri, Benjamin Bluemel, Andrew J. Amato-Gauci and Marieke J. van der Werf
Effective Surveillance  


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