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Would you like a seasoned keynote speaker, discussion leader or even chairperson at an AMR related event? 


Through his years of experience and thereby gained unique insights into the various OH aspects of AMR, and how to combat AMR, Maarten van Dongen knows how to captivate his audience, lead discussions in a balanced way and chair AMR events like no other. 


In cooperation with international partners, AMR Insights can also organize entire international conferences and symposia. Here, tailor-made solutions are provided. The meetings can be in the various subfields of the One Health. Matchmaking sessions can be an excellent part of the programme. Prerequisite is that the events are related to the topic of AMR. Both online, hybrid as well as in person events are possible. 


Ideally you should contact us one year (larger events) to six months (smaller events) in advance. 


Maarten van Dongen has presented on AMR-related topics at dozens of global events. AMR Insights has organised for over five years its own International Matchmaking Symposia EADA and ADTCA. 


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