Perception of Antibiotic Prescribing and Resistance Among Hospital Physicians in Medina City, Saudi Arabia

  04 January 2023

Overuse or misuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics appeared to be a major cause of increased antibiotic resistance. This study aimed to explore awareness and knowledge of antibiotic prescribing and resistance among hospital physicians in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The majority of physicians had a moderate knowledge level of antibiotics, and most of them were prescribing antibiotics more than two times per week. Most respondents agreed that antimicrobial resistance is a worldwide concern and that it is a problem in Saudi Arabia. This study recommends training and courses on the fact that appropriate antibiotic prescribing should be ensured to have the best practice in antibiotic prescription among physicians.

Further reading: Cureus
Author(s): Abdulmajeed A. Al Harbi, Ahmed F. Al-Ahmadi, Abdulwahab G. Algamdi, Sami Al-Dubai
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