Pan-Canadian Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance

  28 June 2023

As the federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Health and Agriculture, we are pleased to release the Pan-Canadian Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (the “action plan”). The action plan is a five-year (2023 to 2027) blueprint to coordinate an accelerated pan-Canadian response to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR), one of the major health threats of our time.

Antimicrobials help form the foundation of modern healthcare. Without effective antimicrobials, common infections could become life-threatening and treatments such as surgical procedures, joint replacements, and chemotherapy may no longer be possible. Effective antimicrobials are also critical for animal health. In addition to pet owners, farmers often use antimicrobials to care for animals or support the health of plants and crops. As a result, action to reduce AMR and preserve antimicrobial effectiveness helps to minimize an economic threat to the agriculture industry and maintain food security.

Over the course of this action plan, federal, provincial and territorial governments will work together and with Indigenous Peoples and partners across multiple sectors to implement ten shared priority actions. These actions span the areas of research and innovation, surveillance, stewardship, infection prevention and control and leadership.

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