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Our objective

AMR Insights is of the opinion that professionals should be aware of news and global developments on AMR. To this end AMR Insights sends a fortnightly E-newsletter to > 8,500 professionals worldwide. The news items refer to recent new scientific publications, articles in quality newspapers and professional journals. The newsletter also contains important announcements and calls for example for participation in new projects of AMR Insights. The newsletter consists of an average of 30 new publications with photo and URL to AMR Insights’ website. There you can find a short, tailormade summary of the article as well as the URL to the original publication. 

Our partners

The E-newsletter is an initiative by AMR Insights. Our corporate partners are mentioned in each newsletter by means of their logo, a short text and the URL to their website. 

Our planning

With the exception of the holiday month of August and Christmas and New Year, we send out a newsletter every fortnight. The E-newsletter was one of our first initiatives and was started in 2017.

Our achievements

Since 2017 AMR Insights has sent out >100 newsletters and reached many thousands of readers. 

Your involvement

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