New World Bank report: Pulling Together to Beat Superbugs

  04 November 2019

Antimicrobial drugs such as antibiotics have revolutionized medicine and saved hundreds of millions of lives since their discovery some 70 years ago. People no longer fear that a simple graze or cut will become septic and that they could die as a result, and most people now have the freedom to routinely undergo life-enhancing surgery previously thought impossible due to the high risk of untreatable infections.

The rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), if not stopped, threatens to plunge humanity back into an era of health uncertainty few people alive today can remember. AMR does not follow national borders; its consequences affect the lives of everyone on the planet and blight the prospects of future generations. Yet with the right approach and intelligent investment, the AMR tide can be turned. This report sets out a fresh way to look at the AMR crisis.

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Author(s): World Bank Group
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