New Delhi Metallo-β-Lactamase–Producing Enterobacterales Bacteria, Switzerland, 2019–2020

  16 September 2021

Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales (CPE) bacteria are a critical global health concern; New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase (NDM) enzymes account for >25% of all CPE found in Switzerland. We characterized NDM-positive CPE submitted to the Swiss National Reference Center for Emerging Antibiotic Resistance during a 2-year period (January 2019–December 2020) phenotypically and by using whole-genome sequencing. Most isolates were either Klebsiella pneumoniae (59/141) or Escherichia coli (52/141), and >50% were obtained from screening swabs. Among the 108 sequenced isolates, NDM-1 was the most prevalent variant, occurring in 56 isolates, mostly K. pneumoniae (34/56); the next most prevalent was NDM-5, which occurred in 49 isolates, mostly E. coli (40/49). Fourteen isolates coproduced a second carbapenemase, predominantly an OXA-48-like enzyme, and almost one third of isolates produced a 16S rRNA methylase conferring panresistance to aminoglycosides. We identified successful plasmids and global lineages as major factors contributing to the increasing prevalence of NDMs in Switzerland.

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Author(s): Jacqueline Findlay, Laurent Poire, Julie Kessler, Andreas Kronenberg, and Patrice Nordmann
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