“New AMR Benchmark encourages pharma to R&D new medicines, vaccines and diagnostics”

“The Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Benchmark, developed by the Access to Medicine Foundation, will follow 30 pharmaceutical companies based on 15 criteria. The AMR Benchmark, which will be published in early 2018, shows how companies can score on R & D activities aimed at priority pathogens, access to anti-microbial resources and production of resources in relation to the associated environmental risks. The benchmark encourages cooperation between governments and NGOs with pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies can show commitment

The benchmark enables pharmaceutical companies to express their commitment to globally combating AMR. The benchmark will contribute to the awareness of the important role of the pharmaceutical industry in this. The AMR Benchmark hopes to work out as an incentive for the development of new medicines, vaccines and diagnostics. In conjunction with “push” incentives, which limit development costs, and “pull” incentives, which reward the development of new products against priority pathogens, the AMR Benchmark hopes to contribute to the global fight against AMR.”

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