Mycoplasma genitalium: enhanced management using expanded resistance-guided treatment strategies

  28 May 2022

Mycoplasma genitalium is an emerging sexually transmitted bacterium that is gaining attention because of the impact escalating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is having on patient management. Of additional concern is that increased availability of testing appears to be resulting in screening practices that are not supported by clinical guidelines. This results in increasing numbers of asymptomatic M. genitalium infections being identified, which when combined with AMR issues, creates significant challenges for patients and clinicians. Rapidly rising levels of AMR, coupled with limited alternative treatment options, means patients can enter cycles of complex antimicrobial regimens that may cause more harm than the infection itself.


Further reading: Sex Health
Author(s): Emma L Sweeney, David M Whiley, Gerald L Murray, Catriona S Bradshaw
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