MicroMundo@UPorto: an experimental microbiology project fostering student’s antimicrobial resistance awareness and personal and social development

  19 February 2021

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global societal challenge requiring the contribution of professionals along with general community citizens for their containment. Portugal is one of the European countries where a lack of knowledge on the correct use of antimicrobials and AMR problematic is preeminent. Moreover, youth demotivation to pursue science careers is emerging. To address these problems an innovative experimental service-learning pedagogical strategy, MicroMundo@UPorto, was implemented in Portugal during 2018 through University of Porto as a partner of the global Citizen Science project ‘Tiny Earth’ responding to the AMR crisis. In this first edition of MicroMundo@UPorto, university students (n = 41; Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nutrition Sciences) organized in eight teams tutored by university professors/researchers (n = 13) on Microbiology and AMR theoretical and practical aspects as well on communication skills to enable their guidance of younger school students (n = 140/3 schools) in experiments to discover antimicrobial-producing microorganisms while exploring the soil microbial diversity. 


Further reading: FEMS Microbiol. Letters
Author(s): Patrícia Antunes, Carla Novais, Ângela Novais, Filipa Grosso, Teresa G Ribeiro, Joana Mourão, Svetlana Perovic, Andreia Rebelo, Magdalena Księżarek, Ana R Freitas, Luísa Peixe
Effective Surveillance   Engaged Students  


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