Microbiology testing associated with antibiotic dispensing in older community-dwelling adults

  28 April 2020

It is commonly recommended that microbiological assessment should accompany the use of antibiotics prone to resistance. We sought to estimate the rate of microbiology testing and compare this to dispensing of the World Health Organization classified “watch” group antibiotics in primary care.

Data from a cohort of older adults (mean age 69 years) were linked to Australian national health insurance (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme & Medicare Benefits Schedule) records of community-based antibiotic dispensing and microbiology testing in 2015. Participant characteristics associated with greater watch group antibiotic dispensing and microbiology testing were estimated using adjusted incidence rate ratios (aIRR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) in multivariable zero-inflated negative binomial regression models.

Further reading: BMC Infectious Diseases
Author(s): Zhuoxin Peng, Andrew Hayen, Martyn D. Kirk, Sallie Pearson, Allen C. Cheng & Bette Liu
Effective Surveillance  


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