Longitudinal study on the effects of growth-promoting and therapeutic antibiotics on the dynamics of chicken cloacal and litter microbiomes and resistomes

  15 September 2021

Therapeutic and growth-promoting antibiotics are frequently used in broiler production. Indirect evidence indicates that these practices are linked to the proliferation of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from food animals to humans, and the environment, but there is a lack of comprehensive experimental data supporting this. We investigated the effects of growth promotor (bacitracin) and therapeutic (enrofloxacin) antibiotic administration on AMR in broilers for the duration of a production cycle, using a holistic approach that integrated both culture-dependent and culture-independent methods. We specifically focused on pathogen-harboring families (EnterobacteriaceaeEnterococcaceae, and Staphylococcaceae).

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Author(s): Chhedi Lal Gupta, Shlomo E. Blum, Karuppasamy Kattusamy, Tali Daniel, Shelly Druyan, Roni Shapira, Oleg Krifucks, Yong-Guan Zhu, Xin-Yuan Zhou, Jian-Qiang Su & Eddie Cytryn
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