Knowledge, perceptions and practices on antibiotic use among Sri Lankan doctors

  10 February 2022

Prescribers have a major role in preventing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through appropriate prescribing. However, in countries like Sri Lanka, where continuous professional development is not mandatory for license renewal and antimicrobial stewardship is not implemented, prescribing practices go largely unchecked.

The objective was to identify the knowledge on antibiotic use and practices related to antibiotic prescribing among Sri Lankan doctors.

While the knowledge and practice scores were high, and knowledge and practice scores were correlated, the practices score was lower than that of knowledge indicating the need to encourage correct practices through means other than solely promoting knowledge.

Further reading: Plos One
Author(s): Gihan Shu, Kaushika Jayawardena, Dinesh Jayaweera Patabandige, Asanka Tennegedara, Veranja Liyanapathirana
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