Knowledge, attitude, and practice of clinicians about antimicrobial stewardship and resistance among hospitals of Pakistan: a multicenter cross-sectional study

  07 September 2021

Considering that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global challenge, there is a dire need to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) of clinicians in AMR endemic countries. The current multicenter, cross-sectional study aimed at highlighting gaps in antimicrobial (AM) stewardship and AMR among practicing doctors working in public tertiary care teaching hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan. A KAP survey, based on a self-administered questionnaire containing 45 questions, was distributed among 336 clinicians in 6 randomly selected hospitals. Overall, 92% of the clinicians considered AMR as a worldwide problem but only 66% disagreed that cold and flu symptoms require antibiotics. 

Author(s): Sohaib Ashraf, Shoaib Ashraf, Moneeb Ashraf, Muhammad Ahmad Imran, Zawar Ahmad Choudhary, Hadiqa Tul Hafsa, Abeer Bin Awais, Larab Kalsoom, Iqra Farooq, Zaighum Habib, Sidra Ashraf, Qurrat Ul Ain Iqbal, Muhammad Ghufran, Syed Sami Hussain Sherazi, Muhammad Kiwan Akram, Rutaba Akmal, Sundas Rafique, Khawar Nawaz, Zartasha Safdar, Uzma Nasim Siddique, Muhammad Hassan, Shahroze Arshad, Abdul Rehman Virk, Muhammad Ashraf, Qazi Abdul Saboor, Ayesha Humayun & Mateen Izhar
Effective Surveillance  


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