Implementation of WOAH standards: the Observatory Annual Report

  10 January 2023

The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) regularly updates its international standards in
accordance with new scientific information and technological advances. These standards contribute
to improving animal health, animal welfare and veterinary public health, and facilitate the safe trade of
animals and animal products. However, many WOAH Members face challenges in implementing them.
It is important for WOAH to understand to what extent our standards are being implemented, and identify the barriers to their implementation. This knowledge will help us improve the standard-setting process and better support our Members in the future.

This first Annual Report of the Observatory raises awareness of some of the existing gaps in the
implementation of standards. Additionally, it offers a number of recommendations for both WOAH
departments, including WOAH capacity building programmes, as well as national Veterinary Services;
I hereby encourage all parties to give them due consideration. This document can aid Members to
advocate for the improved integration of WOAH standards into national legislative frameworks and their
full implementation.

Author(s): World Organisation for Animal Health
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